In the past I have used many of the options presented in this lab. I have provided students with the option of ipod use, passed out usb drives to students to help them collaborate with one another during our assembly projects in class. However, I have never incorporated phones into my classroom. Mostly because we have a distract policy set by the school board that would prohibit there use. I know there has been some pretty heated discussions over this in the past year and I can see where both sides are coming from, but lets look at it from the positive side. As part of the performance task I was directed to use Poll Everywhere. This is a pretty cool tool actually. Its very quick and easy to use, the interface is simple. All one has to do is type in a question hit enter and your off and running. I could see where this would be a very useful tool to get students to discuss ideas from the classroom and I believe it may even benefit the “shy” students who normally don’t participate for fear of saying something wrong. I also see that there may be a down side as the anonymity of it allows a student to place some inappropriate content on the screen. This point was brought up by one of the participants in the polls I created. However, if this were to happen I would simply not allow the class to use this form of communication until they could prove themselves responsible again.

Below you will find a few screen shots of how poll anywhere works.