For the Group leadership assignment in CEP 812 our group decided to pursue Google’s online application suites. Part of our reasoning behind this overall decision was based on the ideology that the technology is a little to no cost solution for many of the instructors and institutions. As such it presents a great opportunity for instructors trying incorporate technology into the classroom. With this in mind we went about breaking up the suites into Google’s categories, with an emphasis in pursing an application that would be most beneficial to each group member’s particular area of instruction. I chose to pursue Google SketchUp as it relates directly to the course I teach and I have had an interest in learning more about this software package. We then discussed the use of Google Presentation as a means of group collaboration as we felt it would be beneficial to use one of the applications available in this situation to help show how versatile and beneficial Google Applications can be.

Below you will find a link to my current story board developed in Google Presentation software. Within this document you will find detailed information as to what I will include in the final slides for our group presentation as well as a script component in the presenter’s notes.

Storyboard Link

I have also created a Google document separate from the presentation that includes all the presenters notes found HERE