This post represents my current progress with my overall “Wicked Problem Project” (WPP), and how I am applying the concepts of Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) within the project itself. First let’s look at the previous posting where I put forth the idea of incorporating Moodle into my classroom as a means to improve my overall all efficiency as a teacher, with the knowledge that this is the overall goal of my “WPP” let’s look at how I am planning on incorporating the concepts of “TPACK”.

The first concept to touch on is Technological Pedagogical (TP) knowledge. This is a pretty interesting concept as it basically relates to how a technology may affect the classrooms teaching strategies etc. So let’s look at my current classroom strategy, my principle strategy is based upon Mastery Learning. My basis for its use is based upon the outcome requirements placed upon me by the state as well as industry for students within the Drafting field. I have to assure the state that my students are competent in all the segments and I currently require students to meet an 80% competency before moving on to the next segment. Now with this information in hand, would Moodle compliment my strategy of Mastery learning? I say yes, I base this on the fact that Moodle would allow for a repository of all information covered previously as well as project rubrics and tutorials. This would allow a student to revisit segments that they may not have achieved the 80% competency and even more importantly a student would have this available anytime they had internet access. I feel this offsite access to the courses information would allow students more opportunity to improve their scores to the predetermined level of mastery. Moodle would also allow the student along with myself to track the segments that the student has struggled with and modify the content provided on Moodle to better service future students.

The second concept associated with TPACK is Technological Content Knowledge (TC). This portion of TPACK relates a teacher’s knowledge of the content they teach to the way that a piece of technology can alter the way the content is perceived buy a student. As a teacher who instructs students in both hand drafting and CAD I can relate to this concept as many times I can see how the incorporation of the CAD software allows students to experience content in a different way. So how might Moodle have an effect on how a student accesses the course content in a more efficient and effective way? Let us exam this from the perspective of the student, currently they are presented with a concept that they will receive in the form of a lecture or demonstration and then be assigned a project that will show how well they understood that concept. Now this limits some student’s ability to achieve the specified level of competency as they may not be auditory learners and have difficulties with the lecture component, or they may not be visual learners and struggle during the demo. However, Moodle would allow a student to revisit either of these areas at any given time while adding the benefit of hands on application for the kinesthetic learners. I believe this combination and the fact that a student can review while actually working on the project is a huge benefit. This is also where my WPP issue would come into play as this would help struggling students, while other topics were addressed thus improving overall efficiency in the class.

The third and final TPACK concept is Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PC). PC is probably the most important concept in becoming an effective teacher as it represents the instructor’s ability to recognize which content a student may find more accessible and which may be more difficult. Along with this it’s also dealing with the strategies that a teacher may incorporate to make the more difficult subject matter approachable to the student. As mentioned previously my class is broken up into segments defined by the states outcome requirements with a set amount of content per trimester of study. However, these can be arranged in a manner that I feel best suits the student’s needs. With the incorporation of Moodle into my classroom I could track the content that causes the greatest issues with student understanding and rearrange the content to provide students with a more linear learning experience where they may work on similar topics such as line types, lettering, and basic hand drafting skills progressing to something along the lines of the Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing segment. Moodle’s capability to quickly change out a portion of the overall trimester content and reorder a segment to better fit this type of learning is a huge bonus. It would allow for more difficult content to be organized in progressive levels of difficulty scaffolding off previous knowledge that would still be available to the student through Moodle.