As part of group 3 for the Group leadership project it was agreed upon that we would use Vyew for our brainstorming session. Overall, this went fairly well and there were not any catastrophic failures or issues. The interface of the site was very intuitive and easy to use. I have used a few other forms of software for web conferencing including Microsoft Office Live Meetings, Adobe Acrobat ConnectPro and I would say for a free tool it offers some very nice features on par with its high dollar competition. The ability to share video, audio, and your desktop could allow for some very in-depth interaction within a group setting. I believe this will be a major advantage in future group discussions as it will allow participants to display their work as well as any issue they are facing. However, there were some disadvantages involved in this process. One group member did not initially receive an invitation to the meeting and there isn’t any type of search capability to allow a person to find a meeting. I thought this was a major drawback for the site itself as tool as it limits group members from finding and participating in the group discussion. Along these same lines many had issues with the voice interface as it really had some major issues with feedback and low volume levels for several participants. Overall I would give the experience about a 7 out of 10 rating.

As a group we discussed using Google apps, and came to an agreement to cover the portions of available software that best suited our needs. As such I chose to pursue my interest in the Google App SketchUp. We will be using Google’s own apps to share and correspond between our selves. This will allow us to quickly and efficiently communicate between the group. Currently we have a timeline goal of developing our script and story board by Friday the 29 of July. We will then compile and discuss further preparations.