For the Final blog posting for CEP 882 let’s see what I felt were the top ten items that can help to create a more compelling classroom not only for students, but for the teacher as well. So onto the list:

10: Even fashion can be used as a learning tool: Throughout the fashion section of CEP882 it became fairly apparent through both the “professionals” as well as class peers that by simply improving the manner in which a person dresses they can improve the way in which they are perceived. This of course would be beneficial as a educator needs to provide students with a positive experience that helps to instill what will be expected of them within a real world setting and dressing professionally will help to instill this in them.

9: Architecture, not just something I teach: In regards to classroom arrangement and organization the course segment dealing with architecture helped me to realize a few things that needed to happen within my previous classroom. Basically by simply changing a few aspects of the classroom an instructor can create a much more inviting experience. This can be accomplished by simply changing some of the colors and desk locations adding comfort to the room.

8: Movies can be more educational than you think: The topic of film really made me begin to realize that student mood can be altered by providing them with a learning environment that has proper lighting and environmental conditions. This topic is very much in line with the segment on architecture. Again here we find that by simply changing some lighting within the class a teacher can (excuse the terrible pun) lighten the mood and make learning more appealing.

7: Photography more than just taking picture: The ideas of presented within this segment can be applied to learning almost directly as a person needs to know what portions of a lesson needs to be brought into “focus” and which can be left in the background.

6:Creating a compelling video and commentary can even teach the person creating it: One of the first assignments involved creation of a video that was to compel the viewer. Throughout the process of creating the video I learned more about the video’s topic as well as ways that I could improve the delivery. This relates very well to the teaching experiences as a whole, as part of our job is to become more effect at dispersing information in a repeatable way.

5: Storyboarding a lesson is a big +: Through the use of a storyboard a person is able to create a much more effective experience as they have already pre organized their thoughts into a logical arrangement that can really help to find any pitfalls within a lesson or presentation. I have a new found respect for the creation of a more in depth experience through their usage.

4: The “Hook” and were not talking about fishing: I found the course segment related to the “Hook” to be very compelling to me personally as it touched on so many different aspects of teaching and provided me with a very relatable experience. The fact that we discovered that it set the tone for an entire piece really helped me to envision how it can be related to teaching. I base this on my perception that a teacher should provide students with a lesson that catches their attention and then continues to provide the students with a consistent and almost rhythmic delivery of the content.

3: Music as a lesson plan: Throughout the music segment if became very apparent that songs are written in a manner that like a good lesson plan first catches the attention and then proceeds to tell a story eliciting emotions and helping to construct imagery within the mind. If an educator were take anything away from this particular segment it was that we should build upon previous experiences and continue forward with learning through the addition of layers of content much like the development of a piece of music.

2:Work of Art Project, more than meets the eye: the process of creating the final work of art helped me to understand how many of the aspects we learned throughout the course come together to help us formulate an experience that helps a viewer both understand a topic further as well as get a feel for the presenter themselves.

1:Be Compelling: more than anything this course has begged the question how can an educator become more compelling. Overall it has helped me to see simple changed that can vastly effect outcomes of a lesson and learning as whole. My hope it to be able to harness some of these ideas in the future within my own classroom.