I found this segment of the the course to be rather interesting as I have never really delved this far into the educational benefits to architectural design from an experiential and emotional standpoint. I have been very aware of the the mood that can be created by simply changing a few items within a structure, but this has led me to some new thoughts on the subject. After actually going out to familiar surrounds for the project related to this particular module I discovered that this task may be extremely beneficial to me within future classes that involve architectural drafting. As it brings into account not only the students capabilities as a drafter, but perspectives of art and emotion into a field that is typical devoid of them( I understand architecture can be considered art, typically though it is not viewed as such from an industrial prescriptive). I believe this would add a new level to the internalization of the information I would normally present to a student on the topic of design and floor plan development. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised to discover this type of benefit in a course that doesn’t pertain directly to the field, it is a nice surprise.