This is actually a pretty interesting concept as it involved looking at items in film and television and then breaking them down into ways most viewers never would. Throughout the process of extracting the composition and details of film and television I believe I have stumbled onto something. I believe that as an instructor it would behoove me as well as other instructors to really pay attention to both their delivery as well as the layout of the classroom itself. It really seems as though we could set the tone for not just a lesson but the overall learning experiences simply by changing a few items in are classroom. I believe by changing things such as students seats as well as the area from which most of us teach could possible benefit overall learning. By this I mean we as educators must start to look at things from a holistic perspective as many it would seem to take into account that the lighting or desk locations ad unease to the process and distract not only the student but the instructor as well. Hopefully if I ever return to teaching I can harness some of these ideals and put them into practice.