Well through out the course of the evening I have decided that I do not enjoy the use of Jing. I like its ease of use and how nicely it captures certain things, but when it comes to capturing audio I am not a fan. Mostly because of my own equipment, I typically run a laptop with a built in mic so it makes the sound quality horrific. I finally got fed up with trying to set the level just right and stepped up to Jing’s big brother Camtasia. I found this to be so much more beneficial with its built in capabilities to capture my power point presentation. Then on top of that I could directly import the voice memos I created on my iPhone that sound a 100% better than the mic on my computer. Honestly if you have the time I think you should try out Camtasia for the thirty day trial I find it to be an excellent tool.

What you will find below is my complete Wicked Problem Project, I believe to the best of my knowledge it includes the input of others as well as the information you will find through out the course of section A-D found on my blog. I thank you for any and all input. It is best viewed in full screen.