Above you will find our group leadership project one is an overall slide show showing all of the different aspects of the Google applications. As well a shorter version covering some of the topics of interest. In them you will find each of the sections that were divided up and taken on by the group members. My own portion has to do with Google sketch up which was a nice find for a drafting instructor as it allowed me to experience some of the functionality of an actual CAD package and is a free option I may talk some of my students into pursuing.

I would say in the future it would be more beneficial to include the use of the online meeting strategies further into the process as discussion via email seems to make the overall process less efficient. It seems as though the overall process seems to languish and fail via email where as a group discussion format like that found using Vyew seems to provoke more interest and follow through from the group as a whole. Overall it was an interesting experience trying to get all the pieces of the puzzle together and next time I will have the knowledge in hand to make it better.