At this point in time it would seem prudent to look at the methods one may actually try use to understand the benefit of implementing my chosen technology. As many of you realize at this point I have tasked myself with the incorporation of Moodle into my class room as a means to increase the overall efficiency of the classrooms content delivery. So what types of formative or summative assessments maybe constructed to prove a benefit of this technology?

I believe it would beneficial to use the incorporated blog/discussion capabilities of Moodle. This would allow students an open forum in which to discuss current course content and then be provided feedback in a way in which the information would be easily decimated and viewable by all students involved in the discussion. This would allow for constant updates on how curriculum content is provided to the students and help to improve the efficiency of content delivery. This would also be beneficial to my personal pedagogical approach of mastery learning as it would allow students to revisit this information at anytime and add to the discussion and content of the class in a meaningful way.


From the perspective of summative assessment it may be beneficial to make a control group for the overall implementation of this technology. By this I mean I would compare students learning progress based on the incorporation Moodle versus students who I would instruct with my current teaching strategies. I would then use testing to track progress in both group’s course progress and mastery of the subject. Once through the first trimester I would generate a data set to compare the progress of the two groups noting any gains in the control group. I believe this would help to prove me with a very good measure of overall success. As it would give me a minimum 40 students progress to construct my comparative charts. In the event that moodle failed to improve or even slowed learning further it would again be beneficial to only use one group as a pilot.