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Well this week has brought about some interesting points. Up until this point I have never really done any assignments like those involving images and then trying to find meaning within in them. I find it to be actually quite interesting as I have never really thought about imagery in this way and it really forces a person to understand why they like or enjoy certain things. Further more its very interesting to see how different individuals view and interpret the same images as we as a group have discovered in our 882 Facebook group. I think this helps to display why we as instructors need to be very conscious in the manner in which we display and interpret how images may impact our classrooms. Up until this point I had never truly set down and thought about this issue. I think its one in the future I will definitely be looking at a little more seriously as it really could have some very positive results not only in the classroom, but industry as well. Hopefully we continue exploring ideas that spark my imagination like these projects have as it keeps things much more interesting.

Photography Module Project



Many may find this something of an odd subject for this particular project, but let me first describe some background on this particular animal and the reason for my decision to capture its image. It was born on December 10, 2011, which in an of itself is unremarkable. However, this particular animal did not arrive in a normal manner and was born breech. This normally causes major issues and the likely hood of the animal surviving is diminished greatly as human interaction with the process can be fairly damaging. While I along with other members of my family have had to deal with this sort of issue in the past no instance was quite as exciting as this particular case as in the process of helping to deliver this animal its father who happens to be something of an overly energetic 2000 pound animal made the decision that it needed to defend its fellow animal and charged my father, brother, and myself while we were trying to save this particular calf. This is something of a problem when you are in the middle of an open field while in a somewhat arduous process and the only defense you have is how loudly you can yell at the animal to startle it. While in the midst of this some what adrenaline filled moment the calf was born and then had to be hoisted several times to free its lungs of fluid. Finally it was free and breathing baby bull. So with this in mind a person may see why I have something of an attachment to how this particular animal lives and flourishes, which is why I chose it for a subject.

Now with this in mind let us look at the reasoning behind the structure of my photo, and what message I am trying to convey. First in the process of capturing this image I spent the better part of an afternoon trying to get a shot that I felt had meaning instead of some arbitrary setting. I also played around with depth of field in some of the other shots of the day, but I felt that the image you will find above that I have title curiosity seems to do this well as the edges around the subjects head have a soft focus and the old gate and the subjects head peeking around the corner gives the photo a quality that makes the calf its focal point. I am sure I will get some interesting comments about the meaning of this photo,but the message I am trying to convey is that this particular animal is very curious as to its surrounds and seemly remembers something about our previous interactions as it is much more emboldened in its curiosity towards me. As the other animals are much more flighty and typically run away when a human is that close to them. I think this image does a very good job with the way the animal appears in showing this. I find this image much more compelling from a humans perspective than the images you will find below this text as it displays looking directly at you, even though the images with the animals turned to the side would actually be more representative of how they typically view you it doesn’t add that human element of how we view each other. Another advantage to the image I chose as my compelling example is the fact that the subject is central in the image and takes up a large portion of the image in contrast with the less compelling examples which had a much greater field of view that took away and distracted from the subject itself.




CEP 882

I would just like to point out that I will be organizing previous entry’s and placing the posts needed for my CEP 882 class up. :)

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