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Growth :)

Well as CEP 811 comes to a close it would probably be beneficial to talk about what your author is taking away from it. Overall, the course provided me with a very good experience as it has demonstrated the effectiveness of incorporating different forms of technology and the strategies to effectively educate with them. Until this course I had never used PowerPoint in its kiosk mode nor had I ever developed a WebQuest. After constructing these I can see how they would be both be of a great benefit to my own classrooms content. As it will allow me to add depth to the students experience by providing them with a very broad range of resources that displays information a unique and interesting way. I believe this to be the most important aspect that the course has taught me.

Along these same lines I am very happy with the assignments that helped me to develop a web site as well as this very blog. I find the blog to be beneficial as it is very easy to edit, and I could defiantly see its benefit in a educational setting. Its creation was actually one of my initial goals. As you can see it was a goal that I have achieved. My other goals were based simply on incorporating different forms of technology into my class room and these were easily met by the StAIR project and WebQuest.

New Goal:

Now that I have done a Stand Alone Instructional Resource I hope to improve upon it and hopefully integrate multiple topics by this very means as it would be a godsend in my current classroom setting.

Teaching and learning in Internet-based environments

After reading through Michigan Merit Curriculum Online Experience Guideline it seems as though the most applicable means of incorporating learning through Internet-based environments would probably be the option of Learning Management Systems. For those of you who don’t know that would be the use of something like Blackboard or Moodle. My reasoning behind this choice is one of need. In my current situation it would be a great benefit as I teach multiple grade/skill levels all in the same class period, so with the inclusion of these types of internet delivery systems for content I could free myself from some of the burdens of explaining the more simplistic ideas and focus more on the important content. I believe it would allow me to incorporate the strategy of scaffolding within my classroom as it would allow students at multiple levels to step away from my direct instruction and begin to explore more advanced content on their own.

Some strategies presented were a little less interesting to me because I believe they would be difficult to incorporate. One of these would be the use of RSS feeds as I can’t see how keeping track of news feeds would benefit my students as they would have to spend much of their time tracking them instead of progressing with their skills.

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