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My WOA project

Well this was an interesting little project that took a little more out of me than I originally expected. :) In the end I felt that it came out alright. I tried to incorporate all the aspects I could from several of the precious assignments to help convey an compelling experience with my chosen topic. Heres a link

I was also very impressed with several of my classmates WOA projects as they seemed to capture the essence of what this project was developed for on a broad range of topics. It was rather inspiring to see the lengths that some of them have went to in creating these projects. My hope is that I can someday benefit from some of the concepts brought forth in this class through their implementation in my own.


Well this was a topic that I know little about. :) This was actually fairly interesting to me on several levels as it exposes how social norms dictate how individuals view one another. It really goes to show that we as a society need to evaluate people not so much upon their outward appearance, but by the quality of their work.

Along the path of relating this to education itself I can see how taking the strong points a person exhibits and helping to bring them to the surface much like picking out a hair style or article of clothing to suit a persons structure. We must do the same with our students drawing upon their strengths and helping them to better express them.

Music that moves

Week 2:The Nature and Design of Compelling Music

While working on my final project for this section I was remind of my previous post. I really feel there is a strong connection between music and teaching as a whole. More so in fact than any of the previous sections that we have approached. I believe this is due to the very nature of how a lesson plan and a song are developed. A person must go through each and first work through the piece finding any caveats that may appear in the construction phase. Then move on to rehearsing and practicing each until they are confident in their approach and structure. Finally presenting each to the world.

Week 1: “The Hook”

First off sorry for the belated post I have had ISP issues all weekend.

I found this weeks discussion to be interesting in the manner in which it unfolded. It would seem that some of my peers seem to feel as I do that music can be directly correlated to a lesson plan. All the elements must come together just right for the both to be successful. Any error made in the process will instantly be noticeable and distract from the overall process itself. I hope to further explore this topic within the coming week and my own project.

Work of Art storyboard

This has been something of an odd week as apparently the storyboard was meant to be more than what I consider a storyboard. It would seem that in the future I will need to construct my projects in such a way as to be more approachable by outside viewers as I really developed this example as a means for my own use and not for a public example. With that in mind I used it as a means to layout the overall process, discuss shots and order of scenes.

Along these same lines when looking at what makes it compelling, I actually created the storyboard to make the entire process experience compelling, not just individual points of comparison. It would seem that I am showing a process, where as many of my peers are doing comparisons on what makes something similar more compelling.

Work of art proposal

This week was something of a struggle in that Eisner’s text was somewhat convoluted in its reading. I found it interesting, just not particularly an easy read. I think its because of the complex way in which they were trying to explain the topic at hand. For some reason it always seams that when dealing with these types of papers the authors feel the need to add several pages of verbiage and other terms to create a document that really has poor flow throughout. However, once the main focus was gleaned from the paper it allowed me to begin my work on the proposal for our “work of art” projects. I find this to be a fairly interesting and taxing project that should take some serious thought and examination if all areas are to be met.

Project: A Tale of Two Retail Spaces

Please note that one image within this video was borrowed from the City of Alma’s site and can be located here
As this is commentary on the location itself and used for a non-profit education use, if should fall under the fair use exceptions.

Architecture & interior design and the experiences evoked by them-prt2

I found this segment of the the course to be rather interesting as I have never really delved this far into the educational benefits to architectural design from an experiential and emotional standpoint. I have been very aware of the the mood that can be created by simply changing a few items within a structure, but this has led me to some new thoughts on the subject. After actually going out to familiar surrounds for the project related to this particular module I discovered that this task may be extremely beneficial to me within future classes that involve architectural drafting. As it brings into account not only the students capabilities as a drafter, but perspectives of art and emotion into a field that is typical devoid of them( I understand architecture can be considered art, typically though it is not viewed as such from an industrial prescriptive). I believe this would add a new level to the internalization of the information I would normally present to a student on the topic of design and floor plan development. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised to discover this type of benefit in a course that doesn’t pertain directly to the field, it is a nice surprise.

Architecture & interior design and the experiences evoked by them-prt1

Well looking from the standpoint of a person who up until recently taught Architecture and some of the basic points of interior design, I found this unit rather compelling. By this I mean that it is nice to view this particular discipline from outside the “box” as we are trying to do within this module. Linking how a person views or reacts to the different aspects of architecture in relation to education is something unique that i have never really explored. My hope is that through the course of this module we will explore further how one may improve the learning experience as a whole by simply altering the color or positions of items within the classroom. I have touched upon this idea previously when discussing sets and other aspects of film. However, this particular module hits so close to home that it really resonates with my own feelings on classroom layout and interior decisions that would benefit not only instruction, but learning as well.

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